Battleground mobile India full details,launch date and pre-registration link,map,rewards and many more things.

On September 2,2020 due to data privacy concerns under section B9A of the Information Technology Act. pubg mobile globally renowned battle royale game was banned by Indian government. After the announcement of ban a lot of mobile gamers were in grief. But the chain of the reaction has broke down as pubg mobile is back in India with its own originality and with the name of Battleground mobile India(BGMI). The pre-registration for the game is today.It will be available in Google play store and next to come on iOS.

For the pre-registration users will have to go to play store and click on the pre-register button. Players to pre-register will be awarded with rewards on game launch.

Famous pubg mobile caster and influencer,ocean Sharma told sportskeeda that battleground mobile India (BGMI) could be launched in India in June. Sharma mentioned that ‘he previously stated,there will be two major announcement in may. .One of which has been made. Also,he mentioned If this was just a teaser, trailer could arrive by the end of the month.

The battle royale game is expected to be similar to the original pubg mobile. However,a little change here and there in the Indian version of the game can’t be ruled out. It is slightly to become a small compared to original Erangel and Miramar maps, but bigger than others recent maps like livik.

Trailer of battleground mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile Indian has some criteria for playing it. Children and teengagers will have restrictions to play battleground mobile India. Players below 18 years age will have new restrictions in BGMI and will need to register for the game with a phone number that belongs to their parents and guardians.pyers below the age of 18 years will only be able to access the title for a maximum of three hours everyday. These players will also not be able to spend over 7000 Rs per day for in the app purchase.pre-registration link below click to download.

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