Tips and tricks for perfect grenade like a pro,recoil control-pubg mobile

Welcome guys,today I will give you some tips and tricks that will help you to improve your gameplay.manymight have a question how to throw grenade like a pro in game.Frag grenade in pung is a powerful weapon that a player can use in close range combat and highly effective as it kill enemies and also clears the path for the players to rush. What should we keep in mind for perfect nading is:

1)Patience- Having patience in the game is extremely important. What I mean is while you are throwing grenades you need to wait till the timer goes to 2-3 second, depending on the distance. If there is less time for enemy to run then you will get a confirm knock and donot over cook the grenades. The best time to throw is 2-3 seconds if it’s less than 2 seconds then you should throw quickly or you will die.

2) Knowing your enemy’s position-If you have a really good experience and knowledge and footsteps then you can easily predict your enemies position and throw a grenade like shown in the picture , you will not lose any thing except a grenade if your prediction is correct then you will get a knock or kill.

3)Low toss and high toss- There are many reasons why you should use low toss but here are few examples. Whenever you’re proning in the grass, maybe in the final circle use the low toss to throw smoke grenades or frag grenades. When you want to smoke the entrance door do it with low toss looking at the ground.

4) It is always better to freelook while throwing the grenades as it will be accurate and go far away.

Moving towards other tips is jiggle movement.
To jiggle and dotch the bullets I will give you some tips and tricks
Step 1: move your joystick left and right while running forward.
Step 2: move you screen left and right with your right thumb.
Step 3: combine both the moves and it’s a monster movement.

You can reduce the recoil of M762 or beryl weapon by switching it to burst mode. In M416 first five bullets have almost zero horizontal recoil, but in full spray the horizontal recoil keep increasing after 5 bullets an it keeps increasing. So,to decrease the horizontal recoil you need to spray only upto 5 bullets and teh wait until you get the weapon stability back and spray 5 bullets again and by this, the horizontal recoil will be reduced. Always remember you can always predict vertical recoil but not horizontal,if you want to spray an enemy over 150-300 meter try to use this trick this might help you to reduce horizontal recoil and you can easily control.

It is better to enable sperate clim and jumb button as it is very useful in close range battle between the wall to remove mistakes.

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